May 24, 2006

Taking the Long Way

from - Buck

From The High Priest of The Church of the Painful Truth we get this

I come to you with bad news today. The Ditzy Twits have a new album out, and it's not doing all that well.

But if you make the mistake of actually reading the link he provides you get this

Regardless, the Chicks seem on the verge of more success. Taking the Long Way is the top seller on and the No. 1 download on ITunes. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the trio is launching a 43-city U.S. tour of major arenas, with a Sept. 30 date at Toyota Center.

I noticed on their website that the June 15th show in London is already sold out.

I think they will do just fine and I do not think either of the three will be relegated to eating Pork and Beans if they stop making music right now.

As for me I committed the ultimate act of treason yesterday by purchasing their new CD and it is fabulous all of the way through. You can hear "Not Ready to Make Nice" by going to their website.

My personal favorite is the last song entitled "I Hope"

So do I girls. So do I.


Posted by Buck at May 24, 2006 11:35 AM
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