May 24, 2006

Kindly old ladies

from - RSA

There's an interesting story being followed by the Los Angeles Times. That is, it's interesting in the same way that TV shows like Law and Order are interesting--it makes you think about the creativity of criminal minds.

It seems that there was a recent hit-and-run accident in which a homeless man was killed. A detective handling the case wasn't making much headway until he ran into another detective who had worked on a very similar case several years ago. The similarity? The same two women (in their 70s) were collecting a couple of million dollars in life insurance on the "accident" victims. They'd taken out about a dozen life insurance policies on each homeless man and listed themselves as his beneficiaries, in exchange for giving him an apartment to live in. Two years afterwards, each was mysteriously killed.

Apparently the women were serious hardasses about getting money from the insurance companies and they know the intricacies of insurance laws inside and out. I'm reminded of stories by Roald Dahl, which gives you an idea about the surrealism of the plots.


Posted by RSA at May 24, 2006 12:20 PM
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