June 07, 2006

Radio rage

from - RSA

I heard Senator James Inhofe (R, OK) on the radio yesterday. He was talking about whether Senate hearings should be held on the incident in Haditha in which U.S. Marines are suspected of having killed 24 unarmed Iraqis. To quote Inhofe:

But Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe, who has backed the war, said, "It gives some justification or some credibility to some of the lies that have been told by people who are just anti-war. I think they're rejoicing in this."

I was briefly infuriated. "People who are just anti-war": well, I'm one of them, at least for the case of this ill-conceived preemptive war. So I'm a member of a group that has told lies about the war? And I'm rejoicing over the deaths of 24 people? I know that Inhofe is, technically speaking, a nutcase (he holds, for example, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict " is a contest over whether or not the word of God is true.") but it's still hard to make allowances. Have they run out of attics in Oklahoma? Doesn't the Bible have something to say about beams and motes and such?


Posted by RSA at June 7, 2006 12:23 PM
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