August 05, 2004

Welcome to my Blog

     Hey all! My name is Barbara and I have not figured out exactly why I wanted to start my own blog. Most of my thoughts have been being posted in a private journal where they cannot be attacked or criticized. However, I really think that I would like the interaction that goes along with a public blog.
     My incredibly intelligent and wonderful husband put this one together for me and will probably soon regret that he did for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I am almost completely computer illiterate and I will be constantly asking him to fix, change, or configure something for me. The second one is that I will most likely embarrass him. The third is that it will most likely become a battleground for us. While we have a most fantastic marriage and I think he is truly the most wonderful man in the entire world, we disagree on religion. He is beyond atheist. He not only doesn't believe in God, he hates the very idea of God. I, on the other hand, believe wholeheartedly in God and attend a charismatic Church of God Church. You can imagine the arguments at the dinner table, right? I'm sure you will get the idea if you follow my blog.
     Anyway, I intend to blog on more than religion and God, but intend to base the majority of it around it. I feel that we should base all that we do around God. There will probably be tidbits of health issues considering that I am currently a nursing student. I may choose to discuss issues concerning teens, ADHD, adoption, epilepsy, or divorce since I am divorced and remarried with an adopted teenager with ADHD and I have epilepsy. We have two cats and a dog who are as much our children as our two teenagers also. We are currently trying to get into volunteering in our community too. I'm sure it will lend to some experiences worth sharing.
     I hope this gives you all some insight as to what my blog might be like and will interest you enough to make you want to come back and visit.

Posted by Barbara at August 5, 2004 11:52 PM

I should comment, too. She's right - it has already become a source of disagreement... just a mild one this time.

First, she is correct that I do disbelieve in God. But she is incorrect that I hate the very idea of God. In some ways the idea is compelling to me. What disturbs me is the conception of God invented by western organized religion. That idea of God is very objectionable to me. Other conceptions of God are very positive and healthy - just not quite believable.

The second correction concerns the pet issue. We do not have two cats and a dog. We have three dogs. It's just that two of them are unusual looking dogs, with an odd-sounding bark. Even more unusual, those two are inclined to use a litter box.

One last thing... I am unofficial tech support for a half dozen blogs, a non-functional e-commerce store, and hopefully a local business or two... I don't get around to adding lot's of bells and whistles, and my tech savvy only goes as far as my latest personal experiments. Please don't blame me for leaving Barbara's blog somewhat uncustomized.

Posted by: smijer at August 6, 2004 12:04 AM