August 09, 2004

The Adoption

I heard the front door open
My heart began to pound
I froze to see if it was them
Then I heard the sound

Of a tiny little four-year-old
Asking this strange man
"How come we gathered all my clothes?"
Did my husband have a plan?

Exactly how to tell the child
On this awaited day
"You've left the only house you've known
And now you're here to stay?"

And what am I to say to him,
"Hello my name is Mom"?
I was filled with insecurity
But my husband looked so calm

He diverted his attention
And didn't answer right away
He looked at me assuredly
"Let's just let him play."

After minutes just crept and crawled away
He patted his right knee.
"Can I talk to you a moment, Child?
Would you sit right here with me?"

He stopped what he was doing
And crawled up on his lap
He looked straight into my husband's face
And dropped his baseball cap.

"Michael, do you have a Dad?"
My heart jumped in my throat.
A sadness swept that precious face
"No," he said, "I don't."

"Michael, I've been thinking
Since the first I saw of you
We've got a common problem
Is there something we can do?"

"I've everything that I could want
Upon my list but one
It seems that you don't have a Dad
and I don't have a son."

"Watcha say we strike a deal
And seal it with a shake?
I've thought it over carefully
Now, the choice is yours to make."

I remember well the boy's words,
Feet swinging as he sat--
After all this time without a Dad,
"It happens just like that?"

The man gave him a gentle nod
The boy's grin grew wet
As if he thought, "What's there to lose?"
He blurted out, "You bet!"

His hand appeared so fragile
In my husband's callused palm
Keith whipered, "There's a bonus here.
That lady's now your mom!"

The handshake gave way to a hug
Tears came as no surprise
Transfixed, I watched my precious son
Be born before my eyes.

They ascended up our stairway
Suitcase tightly in his hand
My husband pointed to a door
And said, "Enter, little man."

Cautiously he took each step
Until he was inside
Bunk beds for boys, and lots of toys
Confused, his eyes grew wide.

"Whose stuff is this?" The boy inquired
Not knowing what to do
"Go ahead and touch it, Child!
It all belongs to you."

The birthday of our special son
Should not seem strange or new
For if you have been born again
You've been adopted too.

For God so loves the aching world
He pulls us, good and bad,
On to his lap and says to us,
"I want to be your Dad."

"You have no Heavenly Father
And you're not my son, it's true,
But there's room inside my family
A space made just for you.

"It's not a snap decision
It's the kind that takes the heart
But with a 'yes' all things are new
Want a second start?"

"You bet, Dear Lord, my mind's made up.
I've made my final choice
Yes, I'll be your brand new son!"
Let angels now rejoice!

"Partake, Joint Heir, your heritage...
I am your great Reward
Stick closely by my side, Dear Child
I'll guard you with my sword!"

Friend, are you wandering lost about,
An orphan of the soul,
Bleeding from your brokeness?
But One can make you whole.

Cease waiting 'til you're good enough
There's nothing you can do
God's business is adoption, Child,
And He has chosen you.

Forsake the earthly vanities
No treasure's left to own
That equals that sweet moment when
God says, "Child, welcome home."

by Beth Moore
from Things Pondered

Posted by Barbara at August 9, 2004 08:16 AM