August 09, 2004

To Believe or Not to Believe?

Living with an atheist challenges your faith everyday. You think and rethink everything that you do or say. You second guess yourself, your thoughts, your actions. You constantly ask yourself why you are doing something. Is it because the church tells you that you should? A church elder? The pastor? The Bible? Your parents? Was that God REALLY speaking to me or just my imagination? Just when you feel comfortable, you are challenged again.

I used to resent the fact and still really get my feelings hurt when I feel that I'm looked at as a weak person because of my beliefs and faith, but am beginning to see things from a new perspective. This constant challenge has caused me to to go on a search that I think will ultimately bring us together in the end. Of course, I think that in the end, he will see the truth and come to realize that there is a very real God. He thinks that I will end up seeing the truth and see that I have been brainwashed my entire life.

Does faith delude us into seeing a world that doesn't exist, or does it reveal the existence of a world we cannot see without it?

Doubters want ironclad proof. There is none. 'You need eyes to see and ears to hear', Jesus said to those who doubted him. It takes the mystery of faith, always, to believe. The ordinary, natural world contains the supernatural,a necessary step since we don't have the capacity to apprehend God directly. We see God best in the same way we see a solar eclipse: not by staring at the sun, which would cause blindness, but through something on which the sun is projected.

Posted by Barbara at August 9, 2004 09:34 PM

Hello Barbara...I enjoyed your comments...Don't ever feel weak or ignorant because of your beliefs...Think about it...Jerry believes that all life evolved from a piece of non-living matter (rock) while you believe there is a designer...Being a nurse, you can examine the human body and know that there had to be a designer..If you were to walk thru the woods and stumble upon a cabin, would your first reaction be "Look what billions of years of creation did?"..No, you would wonder who built the cabin..Our bodies are too perfect to have just happened by chance...Just the eye itself is a miracle which cannot be duplicated...Jerry is fighting against the grain..The odds of evolution are equal to tossing a billion letters in the air and having a dictionary form upon landing...I also invite you to visit Kent Hovind is a highly intelligent creationist who gives overwhelming evidence proving that evolution is a religion and not a science and uses scientific fact not theory to support his beliefs..He has debated several of the top evolutionists in the world...What I find amusing is that after Dr. Hovind has used science to shred apart their scientific "proof" the evolutionist always reverts back to personal beliefs and unproven theories...This is religion not science..He has a 17 hour seminar on DVD or VHS...I have asked Jerry to call him or at least watch his material but I still don't know if he has or not...Also, Ray Comfort has an excellent book I have almost completed entitled "God Doesn't Believe In Atheists"...It approaches atheism from a philisophical viewpoint requiring the evolutionist to use common sense...I pray for Jerry daily and he knows this...I do not find myself to be inferior, unintelligent or weak because my beliefs...In all actuallity, if Jerry's beliefs are correct then he is the weak one as it is survival of the fittest...There is no right and wrong due to the fact there is no one to answer to (higher authority)..If a critical thinker would be honest, he/she would have to admit that Macro Evolution is weak attempt in itself to explain away a designer..Matter cannot create itself yet Macro Evolution teaches it did...Where did the matter come from? Has it always been there?..If one believes this then they are relying on faith not science...Think about it, when has a dog ever reproduced a monkey?..When has a horse ever reproduced and elephant?..Yet, evolution teaches that all life (plant, animal human) comes from 1 common ancester (if you go back far enough in their theory it is a rock)...Just stay firm in your faith and I will continue with you and Jerry's parents to lift him up in prayer to our Lord and Savior. I consider Jerry my friend and have a burden to see him accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. Jerry would make an excellent witness for Jesus Christ...Just imagine if he invested as much time into reaching others for Christ as he does discouraging them..I will continue to pray for you as well...your friend..Jeff

Posted by: Jeff Brown at August 11, 2004 05:24 PM

Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. You and I both know that Jerry means well, he is just mixed up about the truth. :o) He thinks that we are doing ourselves a huge disservice to believe in the Bible and he actually feels as sorry for us as we do for him.
I have just recently heard of Ray Comfort and haven't read anything by him, but Jerry is very familiar with Kent Hovind. He thinks he is a joke. He has listened to many of his arguments and thinks that his arguments don't hold water. You have to understand that Jerry thinks on an entirely different plane than most of the people we know.
I also don't think that arguing with the atheist is the answer. Christians look stupid to them, especially the highly intelligent ones like Jerry. I think that it is only our job to pray and witness to them by example and the rest is up to God. Of course, the Lord may show me otherwise, but until He does, that is what I am going with.
Thanks again for the encouragement and thanks for the prayers.

Posted by: Barbara at August 11, 2004 06:11 PM

I agree Barbara...It does no good to argue with Jerry but reading Ray Comfort's material and Dr. Hovind's material will definitely strenghten your faith...Let's just agree together to pray for Jerry..My church prays for Jerry every Wednesday night during prayer meeting and during prayer I actually overheard someone praying specifically for you as well...I have been praying for him and John Armstrong for over a year now...I firmly believe in my heart that one day Jerry will accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior...Have a great day...Jeff

Posted by: Jeff Brown at August 12, 2004 03:35 PM