September 25, 2004

My children

My kids are great! They are both totally opposite from the other one and each special in their own kind of way. Yet, they are both awesome. Don't get me wrong. They each have their own problems and both of them do things that drive me totally insane, but overall they are great.

I have friends and family members that will totally be drawn to one or the other and never give the other one the time of day and it breaks my heart. Not only does it hurt my kids, but these people are missing out. The people that I truly cherish and believe in my mind to be the 'smart ones' among us see this already. They are just as impressed with one as they are the other.

There has always been a little competition thing going on with them due to some complicated issues with the past and the fact that my thirteen year old is my biological son and my fifteen year old is adopted. For years they hated each other. After a divorce and years of therapy, they are the best of friends and appreciate each other and take advantage of each other's talents.

Most of you probably don't care and need to skip this entry and wait until I post another day, but someones actions has really made me want to post about my kids.

Jesse is my thirteen year old son. He is the child that I wasn't supposed to have. He is 5'8" and 165 lbs?? He is a football player and is a leader. He is extremely intelligent, top of his class, student of the year every year, teacher's pet, popular, gifted, motivated, thoughtful, sensitive, witty, and on and on. He is an artist but it isn't his passion. His passion is PAINTBALL. He is overweight and lazy when it comes to chores and housework unless money is involved. He is always ready to make a dollar and is already planning small businesses to open while in college. As a baby, he slept all night, he wasn't fussy, and he was a momma's boy. He was never sick, he walked early, talked early, and had personality plus. He has survived Matthew and at the wise old age of thirteen is able to see past the moodswings and outbursts to who Matthew really is. He is a gentle giant and wouldn't hurt a fly intentionally. He is truly an amazing kid.

Matthew is my fifteen year old son. I brought him home at three days old. He is 5'8" and about 145 lbs. He is a natural athlete, gorgeous olive complexion, perfect teeth, big brown eyes, a fantastic artist, charming, neat & tidy, picky, popular, funny, and would look good in a paper sack. However, he has bipolar disorder and presents challenges with parenting and challenges for the teachers. By the same token, he has a lot of challenges himself because of that, because of dealing with issues from the past, and dealing with being adopted. Even through all of this, he is still one of the most loving individuals that you will ever meet and has one of those smiles that will melt your heart. As a baby, he never slept, was always sick, always cried, never wanted to eat, always spit up, and almost never seemed content. He was extremely hyper, walked late, kept to himself a lot, and didn't even learn to talk at all until we put him on the Ritilin at age three. Poison control knew me by name and even began to give me regular calls to just check up on Matthew. He was a regular Houdini baby. No child lock worked on him. He was a challenge from day one and would test the patience of Job. He would get loose from me in the store and run and run (laughing the whole time) and run out in the parking lot and sometimes not be caught until he'd been hit by a car. Traveling was difficult with him. Keeping him in a carseat was another story. Then he holds your hand, hangs on you, lays over on your shoulder, and says, "I love you momma," and makes it worth all of the trouble.

As you can see, God has truly bessed me. I wanted the Lord to use me by giving me a child that someone else would beat but that I would have the patience for. I actually prayed for that. Be careful what you pray for. The Lord does still answer prayers. :o) I'm glad I did though. It has probably made me a better and stronger person.....and I would not have Matthew if I hadn't.

Posted by Barbara at September 25, 2004 09:30 PM