September 29, 2004

Process Recording

On our psychiatric rotation in nursing school we do what is called a 'process recording.' We talk to the patients, then we write down a portion of our conversation with them listing in one column what they said, then in another column how we replied. Then we have another column wher we are supposed to evaluate whether or not we used therapeutic communication when we read back over our conversation. If we did not, then we are supposed to write down what would have been an appropriate response (what we should have said.)

This is a very effective exercise. I have looked at them and thought, 'Man! What was I thinking when I said that?' or 'Geez! I'm stupid!' It is amazing how often we say things without thinking. I think that I am going to start using these process recordings at home. When a conversation goes sour, just stop before it gets heated, go type it out, print it, then get the kid that I was having the conversation with to look at it with me and tell me what is wrong with it and what could have been said to make it go more smoothly. Who knows? Maybe this will even help me to see where I went wrong and should have said something else. I think that it is worth a try. I will let everyone know how it goes!!

If it is a success, maybe I will even try it on my husband! What do you think? :o)

Posted by Barbara at September 29, 2004 06:35 PM