September 30, 2004

Amazing To Me

What do we mean when we tell someone that we will pray for them? What do we expect when we ask someone to pray for us? Are the answers to those questions totally different? I think that they are for most of us if we are honest with ourselves and each other.

Beginning to live a Christian life is a huge change for most everyone that makes that change. As I have discussed before, how to pray, how much to pray, when to pray, etc...was a problem that I had to work on. Now, I have had to think really hard on this one. I'm learning as I go along that I need to do things differently. I need to spend more time praying for other people besides me and mine...and not just mentioning them before I say 'amen.'

I have found out that people are doing great amounts of prayer and fasting for my family and especially my husband. My cell leader (and friend), her husband, family members, church friends, and even people from the church that hardly know us. These people are losing hours of sleep to stay up to pray for his salvation and fasting for days. It is just so amazing to me still that the Lord gives us the gift of love and we love people that we don't know enough to cry for, give up food and sleep for, and give up time for to pray for them. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people that the Lord has blessed me with. I only hope that I can be as supportive to them when they need me to be.

Posted by Barbara at September 30, 2004 09:52 PM