October 10, 2004

Missing Church?

When you miss church, do you really MISS church?

I am the type of person that likes to be at church every time the doors are open. I don't want to miss a service, a message, a blessing...etc. I want to go more, but my husband gets upset if I go to all of the ones I usually attend now and stay if they hold over. I'd like to sing in the choir, but he'd really croak if I went to choir practice, etc.

Anyway, I love our church. I have had to miss a few services lately due to my health problems and was unable to go this morning. I am truly missing church. I am trying to figure out how I can go tonight without causing myself too much pain. If I can't get myself to feel like going, I'm going to take time out to read some special devotionals or something and read my Bible and still dedicate my time like it should be spent. I realize though how fortunate that I am to have a special church like I have.

While I am counting my blessings, I'd like to say that I am also fortunate to have so many people to care about me. I have had so many phone calls, e-mails, and visitors from friends and family checking on me. Some even came and cleaned house and did laundry! My room...pre and post op was full too. :o) See? The Lord truly is good to me!

Posted by Barbara at October 10, 2004 01:10 PM