November 01, 2004

Making decisions

I 'think' that I have finally found out what is causing my pain and it has left me having to make a huge decision. I will have to make this short and sweet because I have decided to make my life busy. :o)

My pain is coming from a herniated disk in my back. That is not good for a nursing student. However, my nursing instructors are exceptionally wonderful and my classmates are tops. I have two more weeks in the hospital for clinicals and then I go to do my psyche rotation. For the next two weeks, my instructor is going to give me ambulatory patients so I don't have to lift anyone and my classmates are going to help me out to give me time to heal.

I don't know what my options are yet for recovery because I don't see the specialist until the 16th. I DO know that today was the last day to drop and get my money back for the semester. I just couldn't make myself do it though. I have had so many procedures done this semester and pushed myself to go right back to class and clinicals in pain. I have tried so hard to push through and make it. I just can't see letting all of that pain and effort be for nothing...ya know? I've just got to make it through this semester!!

Say a prayer for me! And also...if any of you need prayer, leave a comment. Either state your prayer request or ask for prayer for a silent request and I will put your request in our prayer box at church and I will pray for you too!

God bless everyone and have a great day!!

Posted by Barbara at November 1, 2004 03:38 PM

Waiting...Waiting...Nothing new....

Posted by: Lee Townsend at November 8, 2004 04:49 AM