January 04, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

I hadn't really thought about making any because I look to better myself daily... whether it actually happens or not. I did, however, START thinking about it after seeing my husband's list on his blog. This is what his looks like...

Break alcohol addiction. I quit smoking nearly two years ago, after discovering that it was possible to do so. It has taken me so much longer to quit drinking because, frankly, alcohol is such a kick. There's nothing that beats the mellow contentment brought by a couple or three glasses of wine, slugs of whiskey, bottles of beer, or margaritas on the rocks. But that carefree bliss is unsustainable. After a few minutes, the only choices for me are to "come down", or to continue on to oblivion. Dependence is the other factor. It isn't good to be unable to relax or even make it through the day without the sauce. I'm currently five weeks dry.

Retrospectives! A year ago today, I moved to Movable Type on smijer.com. I resisted the urge to place great big honkin' "Mission Accomplished" banner at the top of the page.

Learn to juggle! I'm about two weeks into this project, now working on tricks like the reverse cascade. It feels nearly as good as the wine once did. And it may turn out to be even more addictive. Lord knows I start before 7:00 p.m. every day!

Learn magic. I don't know about you, but the words "how did you do that?" spoken with intensity and sincerity are among the most gratifying in the human language to me. A guy who can juggle and do magic will soon be holding in thrall nieces, nephews, and other assorted young 'uns, as he amazes and astounds them with his talents. Also, I secretly hope that understanding the secrets of the deceptive art of magical illusion will give me insight into the deceptive arts of politics and religion, where my other dark interests lie.

Learn spoken Portugese. My friend who accompanies me on my afternoon walk around the walking track at work grew up in Brazil as member of a missionary family. What better way to keep the conversation flowing than to learn his other first language?

Improve my Shower Experience. I'm going to make my wife start keeping her Skunk Juice Soap on the back of the toilet, so I don't have to smell it when I take a shower.
My goals for the New Year look more like this....

Graduate!!! I've worked so long and hard and this is the homestretch. If all goes well, I will graduate in May!! Woohoo!!

Get a new job as a nurse!!! Our financial situation requires that I go back to work and I will finally be able to...but this time doing what I have always wanted to do.

Lose the 20 lbs that I gained over the last several months!!!I threw out the Tapazole that they gave me for Graves Disease that made me gain it. If I can live without it, then 'no thank you!'

Begin learning to speak Spanish. I've always wanted to learn and I think that it would be beneficial to know for working in the health field as well as knowing for communication purposes in general.

Begin attending the Bipolar support groups in support of the members of my family that are Bipolar. People with disorders like this need all the help they can get and it is helpful to know that they are not the only ones that suffer from it as well as having a strong supportive family.

Support my husband as much as I can with the changes that he is making. He was wonderful when he laid down the cigarettes with me when I decided to quit smoking almost two years ago in support of my decision. He has also supported my decision to go back to school and pushed me all of the way. I want to offer that same kind of support for him and hope he can be as successful or more successful than I have been thanks to him.

I really am interested to see his reaction when he sees that there are no magic tricks, illusions, or delusions that draw people into worshiping God though. It's something inside us that draws us to church before they ever even begin preaching to us. We begin our search sometimes and find God without ever stepping into a church or looking to a preacher.

Posted by Barbara at January 4, 2005 07:04 PM