January 15, 2005

Holy Rollers

It's been on my mind lately that my husband said that the people at his church generally reacted with pity when they found out that I was a 'holy roller.' In other words, I go to a Church of God church and believe in their doctrines. He may have been joking but he does refer to my church as the, 'holy rolling, Bible banging, pew jumping church.' However, I find this hard to believe when I have met people from his church and they all seem very nice and were very pleasant to me. I also read in a post by my husband about his church that they believe that everyone should respect each others beliefs or religion whether they embrace it themselves or not. I actually believe that he has been trying to do this with me and trying to respect my religion even though he doesn't embrace it. He has been much nicer about it lately, but I still think that he has a way to go before he actually comes to terms with it.....if he ever does. If he doesn't, I guess that it is understandable, because I will never be able to embrace the fact that he is an atheist. I will continually pray for his deliverance and that he will see the light. However, I will not badger him about it or give him a hard time about going to his church. I will just pray and fast on occasion for his salvation. I hope that we can maintain a great relationship in spite of our differences.

I think most of the pity comes from him pitying himself? :o) Maybe not pity, but embarrassment? That is understandable too...because I feel the same way about him from time to time. When I am talking to fellow Christians and the subject comes up that he is an atheist, I find myself defending him (and I guess, myself) by telling them what a good man he is and how he volunteers his time for charitable things and does things to help others and gets involved with the community as much as he can. Most people think the very worst when they hear the word atheist in the groups of people that I know. Maybe the groups of people that he knows thinks the absolute worst when they hear 'pentacostal', or 'holy roller,' or 'Church of God lady.' Who knows?

All I know is that I have to do what I think is right and feel lead to do and he does too. In the end, maybe our iedas will line up after we have done more searching individually?? Who knows?? Maybe one of us will have a revelation. Maybe we will NEVER agree at all.

Pray for us...if you pray.....jump a pew....or whatever you do. ;O)

Posted by Barbara at January 15, 2005 11:18 AM