January 29, 2005

Small blessings



The gray tabby is my snuggle kitty. His name is Doo Doo. He will roll around and bury his head in my chest and purr anytime. He is the purrfect remedy for a case of the blues or a bad mood. It just takes a minute for him to have me smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy. There isn't another cat (or animal) that could replace him or any amount of money that could buy him from me. He's one of a kind.

My son left didn't close the back door very well the other day, and he got out. When I called after church, they told me that he was missing and they couldn't find him even though they'd searched everywhere. We called for him and looked everywhere that night. I cried and cried and didn't go to bed (or couch) until midnight...with the doors cracked open in case he came home. I thought that I'd surely hear him from the couch if I stayed there. I was so worried and was afraid that he'd been eaten by a dog or smushed by a car. If anything happened to him...I wouldn't be worth shooting. At 01:30 I heard cats howling in the front yard and I bolted up. Thank goodness! One was my Doodie! He was home!!

I never knew that a cat could be so loving or offer so much comfort. I used to make fun of my cousin that had her cat named 'Baby.' That cat would scratch or bite me every time I got near it. Then we got a cat for my son and she was a little witch. He loved her and she loved him, but she was a little witch to me. When I'd have a seizure, I'd wake up with bloody holes where she'd take advantage of the situation and bite the blood out of me. She was cool though in ways because she' bite the heck out of the ex when he'd get abusive, bring blood, then run like crazy and hide. I still didn't understand caring that much for a cat though....until Doodie.

Doodie is just different. We were having construction done on the house and I was sitting in the yard watching one day and he walked up, climbed in my lap, laid on his back, and purred. I had to get him out of the tree a few times because the tomcat across the street or dogs had chased him there. He belonged to the people that owned the tomcat that was trying to kill him, so I worried about him. Then, the neighbor offered him to me becasue she was afraid that her other cat would kill him. I figured that I would find him a home....so I took him to parks and other places trying to find him a home. He'd ride on my shoulder in the car or in my lap. When I'd stop for gas, he'd perch up on my shoulder and watch everything going on around him with fascination. He'd nuzzle his head in my neck and ear and purr. It just took one day for me to fall in love with the little gray ball of fur and decide to keep him as my own. Since then, my armpit or my neck is a couple of his favorite resting places.

He came along when I really needed him. I think that God sent him to me because He knew that I was going to need him with the tough times coming. How in the world does anyone go through tough things without a sweet, adorable, non-complaining animal that loves them back unconditionally exactly when they need them? I thank God for my sweet, adorable, vibrating furrball.

Posted by Barbara at January 29, 2005 11:30 PM