February 23, 2005

I Fell Again!!

Can you believe it? I mean, who falls? Toddlers and the elderly! Not healthy women my age that are sober! And embarrassing!! It was bad enough to fall being attacked by a bird and wondering who saw me through their opened curtains and laughed their behinds off at me, but this time I busted it in front of many classmates.

The new nursing building only has a limited amount of parking spaces. If you arrive late on Mondays, you have to park at the meth lab (Olan Mills) and walk through a swamp area via a wooden walk. It is green with algae and it had been raining. It was as slick as if someone had smeared snot on it. We were all slipping and sliding, but I was the only one to fall. Even though I had on black jeans, I wore green algae stains the entire lenfth of my legs all day and mud on my backpack. I am sore, scraped, bruised, and having a tough time moving and sleeping, but I didn't break anything. And think goodness I landed on the boardwalk and didn't slide off into the swampy water. There are no handrails.

Anyway, at least it got them in gear. The college decided that it was time to clean it before someone else got hurt. The next day they were out cleaning it with bleach. Something good came of it, right?

Posted by Barbara at February 23, 2005 09:18 PM