March 06, 2005

New Blog Style

Get ready folks! We are about to launch a new style. My blog is in the middle of a new make-over! My husband (the computer genius) is doing all of the work. I am just the supervisor. The only thing is that he can argue with me without getting fired. :o\

Anyway, we are arguing over what looks good, what doesn't, what color scheme I like, what looks good, what hurts the eyes, how many pictures is too many etc. Who knew it would be this complicated? Originally he told me to tell him what I wanted and he'd put it up for me. Somehow, Mr. Perfectionist just has to have more say-so than that.

However, the end product is turning out pretty well. Turns out that we make a pretty good designer team. It is going to be awesome! I bet you can hardly wait to see it!! :o)

Posted by Barbara at March 6, 2005 07:45 PM