May 08, 2005

Putting Life Back Together

When I began nursing school, the instructors told us to kiss our children and husbands goodbye for a couple of get ready to give up or lose all of our friends...and part of our family members that would not understand why we didn't have time for them. They told us to say goodbye to our social lives and promised us that we have very little time to call our own if we wanted to be successful. They told us to get used to B's and C's and worse even if we were used to A' get used to messy houses, dirty laundry, unmade beds...and to go ahead and start trying to recruit some help during the really tough times.

Of course, the majority of us were honors students. We were mothers, employees, students, had excellent GPA's and an ego the size of a blimp. They must be talking to someone besides me. I'll be fine. Yeah right!! It didn't take most of us long to crumble.Less than ten graduated with honors. :o) Not me! My GPA was slaughtered long ago....though I had a 3.87 upon entering the program. We were struggling and everything they told us was true. Our lives took the back seat if we wanted to stay in and keep going.

But now we have graduated. Yes, we are still studying and are to do five thousand NCLEX questions before taking state we are still busy, but are freed up a little. Suddenly, I am beginning to see things besides the next test and how much I need to study...,or the next assignment tht is due. I see the horrific state that my house is in....the mountain of laundry, the piles of everything, the dust, the's horrible!! I'll never get caught up!! Oh my gosh! What will it be like to ssy, "Sure! We can come! Thanks for inviting us!" instead of "I'd love to but i have to study....maybe next time?" Heheh! Now it will probably be replaced with, "I'm sorry...I have to work!"

How awesome it will be though to weed the flower beds, clean (really clean) the car, keep the floors clean more often than once a month, clean the bathrooms and the refridgerator while they are still recognizable, and be able to open the pool this year! I feel so free! Ridiculous sounding, huh? :o)

Posted by Barbara at May 8, 2005 04:09 PM


Your words were an inpiration to me. I too am an overachiever as yourself, with kids, house, etc. I'm in my second year of a "two year" program (which will have taken 3 1/2 before it's over), and I feel so out of control! No matter how much I prepare or study, much like you, my grades are now in the 80's. I entered this program with a 4.0, but I can see now that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get A's on these exams anymore. I just pray that my grades do not progressively slide, and that I can finish with my GPA still intact.

Posted by: Deidre Noiman at October 4, 2005 10:15 PM

Keep plugging away. It is sooo worth it!! I love being an RN and love what I am doing now!!

However, it is kind of funny looking back at this post. The flower beds aren't weeded. I am making decent the house is getting cleaned because I pay someone to come weekly. I work too much to keep up with it myself. I pay to have the yard mowed and the laundry done too! :o)

Remember C=RN and you all make the same money no matter what grades you made. :o)

Posted by: Barbara at October 15, 2005 09:40 PM