December 06, 2006

If You Could See What I See

If you could see what see
from new home,
you'd never ever ask me back
to face what I have known.

I see a lot of people
who are fighting over space
on land that God has loaned to us,
as a token of His grace.

They hurt the little children who
were sent to bless their life,
and a big, strong, handsome husband
turns anger on his wife.

I see people stealing hope and peace
from helpless passers-by,
while hatred rages all around,
cold hearts not not knowing why.

There's trouble and confusion;
weak and weary tossed around
by blows of mental anguish,
where no reason can be found.

Oh, but it's not all degraded sin
or a mindless lack of shame,
Many of the folks I see,
still honor God's Sweet Name.

They visit prisoners bound by chains
of sickness and disease,
and seek to live a holy life
through strength found on their knees.

All around this world I see
kind, willing hands of caring
reaching out in selfless love
no taking for themselves...just sharing.

Here, angels rejoice as the journey ends,
and heaven envelops your earthly loss
A battle was fought, a victory won,
reflecting the Conqueror of the Cross.

He's here you know, the Holy One
who left this marvelous place
to bring the gifts of hope and joy,
borne on a cross.....God's Grace.

I'm so happy in His presence
so very thrilled with all I see.
Please, make this season a time of joy
and just be glad for me.

By a very special friend of mine, Eva Knab, Chaplain/RN

Posted by Barbara at December 6, 2006 10:25 PM
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