July 18, 2005

Cool Nursing Blogs

I have been reading some really awesome nursing blogs like Thinking Nurse, 'ImpactED Nurse', 'Head Nurse', "About A Nurse', 'CodeBlog', and 'Where's My Towel?' to name a few. I could sit and read them until I go cross-eyed. They tell of many adventures that I have yet to have and some that I can identify with.

I so want to blog about things that go on in my day to day experiences but am so afraid to because of HIPAA. My biggest fear is that a family member might happen upon it and say, "That's my Mom!" and want to sue me or my employer for talking about them.

Does anyone know legally how I can tell my funny stories without endangering myself? Just change the names and not mention the name of the facility that I work for? My little patients keep me laughing, crying, and truly amazed. The elderly are too underappreciated and forgotten by society. We should truly treasure them. We are who we are because of them...and someday...we will be them. I'd like to share how wonderful they are.

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Things Looking Up and Up

I really enjoy my patients at my current job and the thought of leaving them just breaks my heart...so I'm not going to. I'm going to work there PRN on the weekends and accept the new job I was offered. Can you believe that I have already been offered the job that I wanted and was trying to build the years of experience to get? I don't know what to say. I'm blessed!

I begin my new job as a hospice nurse next Monday. I am excited and a little scared. I hope that I can handle it and really want it as badly as I think that I do. Getting attached to these patients would not be a great idea, huh? I know I will though...them and their families. I guess I will take it one day at a time and see what happens. I know that my heart is in it and it is where I feel like I should be and that is what counts.

I also get to go back to dayshift! Woohoo! I have barely seen my family for the last month or so working nights and long hours. It has been horrible. And though my husband tries hard...he's not much of a cook. I think the kids are really tired of frozen pizza and hot dogs. :o) Life will be back to some sort of 'normal' and I am so ready for that.

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July 02, 2005

New Career...finally!!

I passed state boards!! I was so nervous and worried. The test cut off at seventy-five questions. They told us that meant one of two things. Either you did really well or you did really poorly. I couldn't see myself doing really well after all of the test grades that I saw in nursing school so I was sure that I had bombed it. So, when my husband handed me the piece of paper with my license number on it and I realized what I was looking at....I let out a shreik of joy. My sixteen year old dropped everything he was holding it scared him so badly. :o) When my husband explained to him that I had passed my test, he said, "Is that what you scared the crap out of me for?!"

Anyway, I can now officially say that I am an RN. That feels really good after working so hard for it. Some days, I thought that this day would never come. I just hope that it is worth all of the debt that we have incurred, all of the stress that it has caused, all of the things we have done without, etc. I hope it is. For now though...I am elated. I have finally done what I have wanted to do do for way over half of my life....even if I am just pushing meds at the nursing home for now.

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