February 15, 2006

The Best Husband

I know that I have told you all that my husband is an atheist and it is my wish that he believed like I do, but I have to say that he is still one of the best husband's in the world. He is so very good.

I have given him a hard time over not celebrating Valentine's Day, but he is really so good every day of the year. He doesn't like to celebrate pagan holidays and most Christian holidays. He begrudgingly celebrates Christmas. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm sure that it has to do with the fact that it is so celebrated and the entire family celebrates it. He doesn't like it though.

He doesn't know that he bought me some Valentine gifts from Bath and Body Works yet, but he will find out when he gets home. ;o) But he won't say a word. He never does. He pretty much lets me have what I desire within reason and takes very good care of me. Who would have thought that the Lord could bless someone by using an atheist?

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Busy busy busy

It has been a long time since I have posted and I know that everyone thinks that I have fallen off of the planet. I haven't though. I have just been working a lot of hours. I have been working 60-70 hours for months doing hospice nursing.

I love my job and find it very rewarding, but welcome this slow time while we have plenty of staff and census is a little low. Office politics is a little bit of a pain in the rear but can be avoided if I just get in the office and get out and tend to my own business. Nursing is definately a 'dog-eat-dog' profession. I think that is what is all about sometimes with some people.

I just don't let it bother me so far. Maybe it will start to get to me after awhile, but so far I just trust in the Lord to take care of me and 'get my back.' I trust Him to take care of me, watch over me, and help me to make good decisions. I hope that I am always kind to everyone, set a good example, make everyone want to have what I have, treat everyone in the office equally as good, and do what is absolutely best for my patients. I love my little patients and want to make life as fulfilling and comfortable as possble for the time they have left. If there is any way that I can assist them to make that happen, I am there.

I have such wonderful co-workers for the most part too. They are all so in tuned with the patients needs and communicate so well with each other to do what is best for the patient. Our CNA's are our eyes and do an excellent job reporting things that they know we don't see doing an assessment that they do see with so much more hands on work with them. Our social worker is the absolute best and so is our chaplain. All of whom I am happy to consider personal friends. Our nursing staff is growing by leaps and bounds as is our business and census. We have been fortunate to have been blessed with the expertise certain fields and clinical experience. I have a vast group to learn and absorb from.

I never thought that I could do hospice and now I can't imagine my life doing anything else. I quit a very good job making very good money to go to nursing school to do what I felt like I should be doing and to do something that I felt was fulfilling. It was tough to give up that salary, do without for a time. get behind, and start over as low man on the totem pole after holding a respected position...but I have to say that it was worth it and is very rewarding. Surprisingly, answering to a lot of people again isn't quite so bad. The people I have to answer to have shown me a lot of respect for my hard work and dedication.

Funny...I used to think that I'd have more time when I got out of the business that I was in and then when I got out of nursing school and didn't have to study so much. I haven't had much time. I have worked a lot of overtime, but I cannot say that I have been miserable like whe I was doing what I used to do or when I was in school. I am so happy...just tired. I really think that this is where I am supposed to be.

I will try to post again and not wait so long to do it this time. I hope all of you are well and your dreams are coming true!!

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