March 22, 2007

Burnt out or depressed?

Usually, this time of year, I am keyed up and excited about Spring. I can't wait to do yard work and plan some project. This year I am just plain depressed! I don't know if it is job burnout or a combination of things.

I have been doing weekend call for a hospice for about seven months or a little more now. I only work two days and have five days off, but I am pulled in five or six different directions at one time and constantly dealing with crisis, stress, and death. Prior to that I was working doing a case load during the week for hospice for about a year and a half.

Is it time for a change or just some time off? I love my job and it is my comfort zone since I have been doing it since I graduated. I feel like I am doing something good and am helping people.

Should I just bite the bullet and go get some hospital experience no matter how badly I may hate it? Should I stick this out and see if I can get over the burnout? Any suggestions?

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