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January 11, 2005

About the Chain Letter Project

This page is intended to provide recipients of chain e-mails a ready reply to counter the propagandistic contents of popular e-mail chain letters. This is not intended as an alternative to the world-class e-fraud busters at Instead, it is meant as a means of applying a "counterspin", where the basic issue is not one of e-mail as "hoax", but instead where the e-mail is intended as a way to reinforce political or religious stereotypes and foster a divisive attitude. The intent is to provide a response to those e-mails that will give the "other side" of the story in terms that provide the most compelling critique of the ideas expressed in any chain letter that might land in your e-mail box. Readers are encouraged to use "Reply all" to send these responses, or others that make similar points from the readers' own perspectives, back up the e-mail chain that brought it to them.

In order to do the best job of documenting and responding to the numerous chain letter type e-mails that go around, readers are encouraged to submit examples that land in their e-mail box. They may also wish to submit responses they have composed to the letters they find, or new responses to the letters I have posted.

You can be certain that for any e-mail chain letter that I have found and posted with a response, I have already used "reply all" to move it back upstream.

Happy e-mailing!

Posted by smijer at January 11, 2005 03:23 PM